Conquer the characters

Now easy to learn and hard to forget

Characters used to be one of the biggest barriers to learning Mandarin, but with our mnemonic system you’ll learn the story inside each character and cut down years of rote memorization.

Mountain View

Mountain View

The only complete system

Gap-free, systematic instruction

We’ve unlocked countless patterns hidden in the structure of Mandarin. We’ll teach statistically relevant, high-leverage words and their associated grammars with text, audio, pronunciation and writing exercises.

See “Our Principles” below to understand why we’re so different.

No boring textbook dialogue

Short stories worth following for their own sake

In addition to exercises, users review material in context through stories written by native Chinese. Our slice-of-life stories stand apart with their mix of humor, action, romance, and authentic Chinese culture—without the boring dialogue found in so many textbooks. Hidden algorithmic structure keeps each story relevant to your study, reinforcing your practice without you noticing.

Mountain View

Mountain View

Immersion done right

A continuous lineup of books, movies, and music—ranked by your personal level of progress

Whether you're a self-learner or in a classroom environment, you've probably noticed it's hard to immerse yourself in Mandarin. Where can you find content that's accurate to your progress and suited to the level of difficulty you're seeking?

With our targeted content portal, at any point you'll be able to access personalized recommendations for Chinese websites, blogs, videos, movies, and books. Once you've learned 90% of the words in a piece of content, it will become available in your portal. Want more of a challenge? No problem, just adjust the percentage.

Lingwave Principles